Three Ways To Show Your Support On Veterans Day Without Saying A Word

Veterans Day is just around the corner, and it's the perfect time to show how much you honor and appreciate the troops who have fought for freedom. But if you're on the shy side, the idea of saying "thank you" to the veterans in your life may be a bit intimidating. Thankfully, there are ways to more subtly show your support without having to talk to strangers or have uncomfortable conversations with your coworkers.

Put Those Muscles To Work: Create A Portfolio For Underwear Modeling Work

Are you crushing it at the gym? Is your bodyfat low? Have you gotten ripped and developed a visible six-pack? Well, if you are super into fitness and would like to get started into underwear modeling (and maybe end up on a huge, times square campaign like a young Mark Wahlberg back when he was Marky Mark and he posed with Kate Moss) or Justin Bieber, then you need to set up a underwear modeling portfolio.

Unique Fashion Acessories That Give You The Edge On Trends

You aren't afraid to stand out in all ways, and this includes your fashion choices. From your eyewear to your feet you can be unique in style and turn heads everywhere you go. Here are some accessories you need to put in your collection to give you the edge on trends you desire. Wooden sunglasses Made of bamboo, these sunglasses are fashioned out of the soft, beautiful wood and will wear comfortably on your face.

2 Steps To Developing And Implementing A Dress Code For Your Manufacturing Facility

Are you soon opening a new manufacturing facility, and haven't thought of what you will require your employees to wear to work? Or were hired to manage one and realize that a dress code is greatly needed due to the array of unsafe or inappropriate clothing options the employees show up in? Don't worry, because creating your dress code can be very easy when you follow these two steps.  1. Look into Local and Federal Dress Code Laws

3 Fun Ways To Style Your Tie Dye Shirts And How To Complete Your Look

If you have some vintage tie dye shirts, they can be super fun to wear because they are so unique and creative. While they may not be something that you want to wear on a regular day, there are several occasions when wearing a vintage tie dye shirt is not only appropriate, but super fun as well. This article will discuss 3 fun styles for your vintage tie dye shirts and how to complete the look.