Handy Features in Reading Glasses

If you enjoy reading but find that seeing the words on the page has become increasingly difficult, there are a few ways that you can correct this issue. One option is to buy a pair of compact reading glasses, which you can find from a variety of online retailers. These small glasses are compact enough to fit in your pocket or purse, ensuring that they're never out of reach when you need them. There are all sorts of magnification reading glasses on the market, so it's useful to shop around and look at the various features that different pairs can offer. Here are some features that you'll find useful.

Folding Frame

Some reading glasses fold to make them even more compact when not in use. On their own, these glasses are typically on the smaller side, but you'll appreciate being able to reduce their size by folding them in half before storing them. Typically, the glasses are hinged between the lenses, allowing you to fold them quickly and easily. If you carry a small purse or you're averse to having large, bulky objects in your pockets, choosing a pair of glasses with a folding frame will be a good decision to make.

Built-In Lights

You'll also find certain pairs of magnification glasses that have built-in lights. A small LED light on the frame to the outside of each of the lenses, which is powered by a tiny battery, will do a good job of brightening whatever you're holding in front of you. If you occasionally read in rooms where the light is low — for example, perhaps you're sitting in your child's bedroom to be with them for a while after a nightmare — you'll be able to read your book with ease without turning any of the room's lights on.

Blue Light Filter

Lots of people use reading glasses not only for reading books and magazines but also for electronic readers and tablets. While you can increase the font size on such devices, doing so also results in a lot more scrolling as you read. If you want to keep the font size smaller to minimize scrolling, a pair of these glasses will come in handy. Look for a pair that has a built-in blue light filter, as this will block your device's blue light from getting to your eyes. This can help to reduce eye strain, among other benefits.

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