Advice For Wearing A Flowy Tee-Shirt

Just a few years ago, fitted clothing was de rigeur for men's fashion. However, the fashion pendulum swings and more designers have put out oversized clothing for men. One reason such sizing has become fashionable again is because of the increasing popularity of musical genres such as hip hop. However, flowy tee-shirts simply have their own appeal.

Do you crave the comfort of a soft, loose tee-shirt that's nonetheless flattering? Read the following advice to discover how to pull that balancing act off.

Buy Shirts Cut Loose

Fashion experts will give one of the most important pieces of advice when it comes to flowy tee-shirts — look for pieces meant to be worn loose. Don't simply buy a tee-shirt that's too big because the proportions will be off. The shirt should be fitted at the shoulders and flowy around the waist and biceps. That fit is key to prevent you from looking sloppy.

Create Balance with Other Pieces

Another way to ensure you don't look overly casual is to pair the loose shirt with more structured pieces. You don't necessarily want to reach for your skinny-cut pants. However, flowy tee-shirt pairs well with tailored pants or regular-fit jeans. Otherwise, pairing a loose shirt with baggy pants can add visual weight to your frame, which is undesirable.

Try Different Sleeve Lengths

As you shop for oversized or relaxed fit tee-shirts, you'll probably notice they come in different sleeve lengths. Some sleeves will still hit at the bicep, but others will fall all the way to the elbow. That look tends to look younger. A more sophisticated look comes with full-length or three-quarter length sleeves. Choose the length that matches your style.

Look Into Band Tee-Shirts

Some tee-shirts, such as the band shirt, naturally tend to come in loose cuts. If you still have your old band shirts, check out if they fit the way you want. Otherwise, look at some of the fashion band shirts available. Such shirts look best paired with regular-fit jeans. You can rock this look, pun intended, for any weekend event you attend.

Consider Retro Looks

Another option is to look into a retro style. If you look at 1950s tee-shirt styles, they tended to be cut generously. A distinction is that the sleeves were often shorter and even fitted. You can roll up your sleeves in your best impression of a 1950s greaser. Consider tucking the shirt into your jeans and securing them with a black leather belt to complete the look.

Follow the above advice to look stylish while wearing your men's ultra soft flowy tee-shirt.