Faqs About USA Made T Shirts

Why choose USA-made t-shirts? Before you buy one, two, or a larger stock of tees, take a look at some of the top questions consumers may have about shirts made in the United States.

What Are USA-Made Shirts?

The tag on your tee may say it's made in the USA. But what does that mean? According to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, a product that makes a claim it's made in the USA must meet specific standards. It also must have parts that are all (or virtually all) processed and made in America. If a significant number of parts are made in another country or the shirts are assembled outside the United States, the manufacturer can't claim made in the USA status.

Are American-Made Tees Quality Apparel?

You may be tired of apparel that falls apart after the first wash, fades, shrinks, or lasts for a few years before you need to throw away or recycle the fabric. If the lower quality clothing you're used to buying wasn't made in the US, consider American-made apparel. Quality controls such as inspections as fabric/material content choices may increase the overall quality of the item.

Are Shirts Made in the US Expensive?

Are American-made shirts more expensive than other types of apparel? While it's possible you may pay more for USA-made short sleeve shirts and other tees, the initial purchase price may offset premature replacement costs. Calculate the cost of buying shirt after shirt or making repairs. If you pay less over time, a higher quality product is the best (and least expensive) option.

Not only may a quality American-made tee save you money over time in replacement costs, but it may also look better. Low-quality shirts may tear, pill, snag, or sag. Avoid these and other style flubs with a US-constructed tee that's made to last.

Who Makes the Shirts?

Clothing made in the USA is processed and manufactured in-country. This means American factories or smaller clothing producers make these tees. These manufacturers must follow federal fair labor laws. This means your American-made tee does more than just support a business in the US. It also supports fair labor practices, such as minimum wage levels and workplace safety.

When Should You Buy Made in the USA Shirts?

Whether you need a new wardrobe of short-sleeved shirts, your kids need tees, or you want to buy t-shirts for your business, organization, or community group, shirts made in the US options offer quality, style, and more. Contact a company that offers USA-made t-shirts for more information.