Features That Make Luxury Lunch Bags Stand Out

A good lunch bag is priceless. It's so nice to be able to pack your lunch in a convenient bag that holds everything well and is easy to use. But what sets high-end, luxury lunch bags apart from basic ones? Here are some key features that luxury bags tend to offer.


Have you ever limited the items you placed in your lunchbox to things that you thought would be okay getting warm? A luxury bag that is insulated can eliminate that concern. Luxury lunch boxes typically have a layer of insulation inside of them to keep your items cool throughout the day. This enables you to pack things, like cheese and meats, with confidence.

Separate Compartments

Most basic lunch bags have one compartment. But luxury lunch bags tend to have multiple compartments. It's nice to have different pockets to keep your items organized. You don't have to worry about one food taking on the scent or taste of another. And you can keep bigger items from squishing more delicate things, like grapes.

Comfortable Handles

There also tends to be a difference in how luxury lunch bags are carried. They typically have nice, comfortable handles that feel soft against your hands and are easy to grab. This is nice because it's less likely that you'll drop your lunch bag.

Freezable Inserts

Many luxury lunch bags come with a freezable, ice pack insert that fits specifically into a certain slot built into the lunch box. Along with the insulation, this helps keep your items cold. It also keeps you from having to buy separate ice packs that may or may not fit into your lunchbox.

Cleanable Interior

A luxury lunch box is also likely to have a smooth, non-absorbent interior that you can wipe clean. If something spills inside, the spill should not permeate the lunch box and cause stains and odors.

Drink Pocket

A lot of higher-end lunch boxes also come with some way to store your drink. There may be a water bottle that tucks into a pocket on the side, or there might be a strap you can use to secure your water bottle to the lunch box. This gives you less to carry and makes you less likely to lose your beverage.

Look for the features above in a gray luxury lunch bag. Once you start using one of these, you'll never go back to a brown paper bag.