3 Tips For Caring For Gator Skin Cowboy Boots

If you own a pair of gator skin cowboy boots, then you know how incredible and unique they are. They have a look about them that most cowboy boots do not, so it is only normal for you to want to take great care of them. Here are  3 tips for caring for your gator skin cowboy boots so that you can keep them looking good. Oil Them Regularly Because the gator skin on your cowboy boots can become dry overtime, it is wise to oil your boots regularly.

Ten Reasons Custom Work Boots Are Work The Expense

A good pair of work boots can make a difficult workday a little easier. When you are spending 8-10 hours a day (or more) on your feet, so much of your overall comfort will rely on the comfort of your feet. A pair of boots that can actually meet the challenge should be appreciated and paying a little extra for that luxury is more than worthwhile. Custom Means Comfort Custom-made boots come in as many lengths as store-bought boots, but they also come in a huge variety of widths as well.

Ladies Motocycle Apparel For New Riders

Congratulations! You got yourself a hog. Now you need the right clothing and accessories so that your ride is safe but also stylish. You are part of a separate lifestyle now, that you may choose to reflect in your outfits both on and off your bike. You want to make sure that you fit in to your new subculture but also that you stand out for your individual style. You don't want to look like you are wearing a costume or that you are trying too hard as a newbie.

3 Ways Flame Resistant Clothing Can Help You

Do you know of anyone who has gotten burned in the past? What were they doing when the incident occurred? Have you ever wondered if there was a way to prevent the burn from happening? With the introduction of flame resistant clothing, you too can protect yourself and your loved ones to make sure they aren't the next victim of a tragic accident. Not sure if this type of clothing is right for you?

Tips For Wearing The Right High Low Dress For Your Body Type

If you have been shopping or picked up a fashion magazine recently, you have probably noticed that high low dresses are very popular in 2015, particularly for women shopping in the juniors section. These dresses feature a longer hem-line in back and shorter one in the front. However, as with any clothing choice, it is essential to know what features of your new dress will be the most flattering. Know Your Body Type