4 Fun Ways To Wear Your Bandeau Tops This Winter

Do you happen to have any knit bandeau tops in your closet from spring and summer? No need to put them away; there are plenty of cute ways to wear bandeau tops in wintertime, too. Get more use and wear from your summer items year-round, including bandeau-type tops. Pull out your thickest, knit, or ribbed bandeaus—or buy one online—to pull off the following ensembles and outfits.  

Wear your bandeau top in the following ways this winter: 

1. With a Blazer

It may seem daring to wear your bandeau tops under a blazer or jacket, but it is a chic and streamlined look that works. Choose thick knits or ribbed bandeau tops to wear under your jacket, but make sure your jacket buttons properly. For example, a thick ribbed knit bandeau top works well under both fitted and loose-fitting blazers and jeans for a look that is just right for shopping, school, or a day out with friends.  

2. As an Underpinning

Get a lot of mileage out of your bandeau tops when you wear them as an underpinning or undergarment. Wear your bandeaus under sheer or slightly sheer tops, for the office or work; wear with tees and tops with side cutouts for the club or weekend. Make the most of your bandeaus and layer them under winter apparel for a pulled-together look that also helps keep you covered.  

3. For Working Out

It makes perfect sense to pair your bandeau top with your activewear, too. Bandeaus allow for plenty of movement, and if you have one with a built-in bra, it will give you the right support for the gym, too. A cute, brightly colored bandeau top is the right pairing with a track jacket or hoody and a pair of leggings.  

4. With some Overalls

When you think of how to wear your bandeau top, what comes to your mind? Bandeaus have made a comeback along with another must-have fashion item: overalls. Try your favorite bandeau under bibbed overalls for a cute, casual, and Bohemian look that works any time of the year. If wearing this ensemble in wintertime, layer with a textured cardigan or button-front oxford for a bit of warmth and a little more coverage; it is a look that seems effortless.  

Check out online options to find cute knit bandeaus that make sense all year round. Try these four styling suggestions for your own knit or ribbed bandeaus and get more wear from them this winter.

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