Caring For The Graphic T-Shirts In Your Wardrobe

Graphic T-shirts can be among the most common types of garments that individuals may wear. Unfortunately, there are many individuals that will find that their graphic T-shirts may degrade more quickly due to them failing to take sufficient care of them.

Use Gentle Detergents For The Graphic T-Shirts

Washing your graphic T-shirts can be one of the more common and intense sources of wear and tear that these garments will have to face. Regretfully, there are many detergents that can be especially damaging to the print on these shirts. When choosing a detergent to use for cleaning your T-shirts, it is important to choose a gentle solution that is unlikely to damage the print. In particular, you should avoid using detergents that contain bleach. To further reduce the wear that a graphic T-shirt sustains from washing, some individuals will choose to wash these garments by hand as this will allow them to clean the fabric while avoiding the friction that occurs to the printed area of the T-shirt.

Let Your Graphic T-Shirts Air-Dry

Dryers can be another source of extreme wear to graphic T-shirts. In fact, the intense heat of a dryer can cause these prints to rapidly fade and peel. As a result of the extreme damage that this heat can cause, these garments should generally be left to air-dry after they have been washed. This process can be significantly slower, but it will avoid exposing the graphic T-shirt to the intense heat of a dryer. When air-drying these garments, you can increase the speed by placing them in an area that has good airflow or even positioning a fan to blow on them. Additionally, these garments should be hung as this will allow both sides to evenly dry.

Use Graphic Safe Options For Eliminating Wrinkles From The Shirt

When your shirts become wrinkled, you may rely on an iron to remove the wrinkles from the fabric. However, irons can cause excessive wear to the graphic print. Luckily, this does not mean that you will have to endure wrinkles on these garments. Rather, you can safely use wrinkle-removing sprays. These sprays can release wrinkles that have formed in the fabric in a matter of minutes after being applied. When applying this spray, you should limit yourself to only using a small amount. It is a common mistake to apply too much of this product, which can leave a residue on the fabric.

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