Build A Maternity Wardrobe With These Four Essentials

Picking out maternity clothes can be frustrating for some. You may not want to spend a lot of money on clothes that will be worn for only a few months, and you may struggle to find pieces you find comfortable and stylish. Building a maternity wardrobe with essential pieces makes it easy to create outfits perfect for work or for casual days spent at home. Here are some pieces to create your ideal maternity wardrobe. 

High-Rise Maternity Leggings

Maternity leggings offer a versatile addition to your wardrobe, and they can continue working for you even in your postpartum months. The high-rise design provides full coverage over your belly, and the formfitting design creates a classic silhouette. Pair leggings with an oversize sweater or shirt already in your closet to create a comfy casual look or layer them under a romper or dress for added warmth on chilly days. The best high-rise maternity leggings will have a stretchy panel to accommodate your growing belly. You might even want to pack your leggings in your hospital bag to wear home after delivering. The high waist is ideal for those who have just undergone a C-section, and the stretchy panel provides extra room for your postpartum tummy. 

Maternity Romper

A maternity romper can be worn several different ways, making it a great addition to your maternity wardrobe. A sweater worn over the top creates a smart look for the office, while a long-sleeved knit top worn underneath creates a casual dress look you can wear while running errands or attending family events. Pair your maternity leggings with the rompers and a sweater for a warm winter ensemble or add a simple tank underneath for a perfect way to stay cool during the warm summer months. 

Maternity Jeans

Some days you just want a normal, casual look, and maternity jeans offer a comfy choice. These jeans come in both high-rise and low-rise options, so you can select the option that's most comfortable for you. Low-rise jeans feature a stretchy waistband, which sits just below your belly. This option may be ideal early in your pregnancy or on hot summer days when you don't want to layer on your clothes. High-rise maternity jeans feature a stretchy panel, similar to your maternity leggings, which come up over your belly. You may feel more comfortable and confident with your belly fully covered in this way.  Consider investing in both types of waistbands for lasting comfort through every stage of your pregnancy. 

Ruched Maternity Tops 

Ruched maternity tops are great because they grow with your belly through every stage of pregnancy. The ruched details on the side create a draped effect when your tummy is smaller, and the unique stitching creates a cozy fit even as your belly grows. You can find these tops in soft knits and a range of colors to complete your maternity wardrobe. Ruched maternity tops can even be worn long after your little one is born, giving you a lasting addition to your collection of wardrobe staples. 

For more information on a high-rise maternity legging, contact a company near you.