2 Primary Traits That Make A Backpack Eco-Friendly

When it comes to making eco-friendly product choices, more and more items are being made in eco-friendly ways. Eco-friendly products are no longer limited to a small category of items; you can find a wide range of different products that are made to be eco-friendly. When you go shopping for a new backpack for school this year, consider looking for an eco-friendly backpack.

The Materials the Backpack Is Made From

One of the biggest factors that determines if a backpack is eco-friendly is the materials the backpack is made from. Eco-friendly backpacks can be made from a range of materials.

Hemp Material

Hemp is one material used in eco-friendly products. Hemp is considered eco-friendly because it is an environmentally positive agricultural crop, and hemp material does not break down easily due to exposure to things such as mold and bacteria. Hemp fabric is also fully biodegradable over time, which is not true of synthetic fibers.

Recycled Material

An eco-friendly backpack could also be made from recycled materials. It could be made from recycled plastic materials or recycled fabrics. The eco-friendly element of these backpacks is the fact that they are reusing material that does not easily biodegrade, thus extending the life of the material. One of the main premises of recycling is reusing materials.

Non-Toxic Dyes

Many eco-friendly backpacks also strive to use non-toxic dyes. Using non-toxic dyes is yet another way to help the environment and reduce the environmental impact of making the backpack.

When it comes to purchasing an eco-friendly backpack, look for a backpack that uses non-toxic dyes, recycled material, or organic instead of synthetic materials.

The Source of the Materials

Next, you need to pay attention to where the materials are sourced from. Yes, hemp is an eco-friendly material, but its eco-friendliness is reduced if it is shipped halfway across the world. Find out where the materials come from for the backpack.

A true eco-friendly product would source materials locally in order to cut down on the impact of shipping raw materials all over the world. Alternatively, the product is made in one location, where the materials are local, and then shipped to the buyer. The less shipping involved in the creation of the backpack, the better the production process is for the environment

When looking for an eco-friendly black backpack, look for a backpack made from recycled or organic materials that is sourced locally. You need to think critically when looking for an eco-friendly backpack.