Are Yo Making Your Own Clothes For Summertime Wear?

Are you one of those talented individuals who loves to sew? If that's the case, you have probably saved a fortune in making your own clothes and the clothes of your family members. Maybe you have even made some money by sewing for other people. The frosting-on-the-cake, of course, is that anything you create is an original. Think of how much your clothes would cost in a store. Mind-boggling, isn't it? 

Are you in the planning stages of what you will make for your summer wardrobe? Maybe you already know exactly what you want to create. If that's the case, you're all set. If you are still looking for ideas, from selecting the items you'll make to choosing hologram spandex fabric, here are some ideas that might help you

Check Your Present Wardrobe - Think of taking inventory of things in your closet. Take the time to try things on, too. Determine which items you want to keep and which you will give to somebody else, maybe even a charity organization.

Make a list of items that you want to sew. For example, maybe you have a beautiful strapless dress, but you have never worn it because you've decided it's too revealing. If that's the case, write down that you want to make a shawl to wear with it. If you want to make a tunic to wear with your palazzo pants, add that to your list. You get the picture, right? 

Buy Hologram Spandex Fabric - After you have decided which items you want to create, think of selecting the fabric that you want to purchase. Have you sewn with hologram spandex fabric in the past? If so, you already know that it's a dream to sew on. If you haven't sewn with this type of fabric in the past, you'll probably love the experience. There are so many colors and patterns available that you will find exactly what is right for your new creations.

For example, if you decided to make a shawl to go with your solid color strapless dress, consider buying patterned spandex material. That will more than likely add a bit of draw to your outfit. What is the look you want for your summer palazzo pants? If you want a casual look, think about selecting a colorful striped spandex fabric. Wear plastic or wooden jewelry with it. If you want a more elegant look, black or white hologram spandex fabric would be great. Or, select a sparkly fabric for real pizzaz.