Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Leather Furniture In Good Condition

Your leather furniture might look great in your living room, but it requires regular maintenance if you want it to keep looking that way. Here are some maintenance tips to keep in mind that can help extend the life of your leather furniture.

Start By Removing Dust

Dust accumulates on furniture over time. You can start removing dust from your leather furniture with a simple cotton cloth. Wipe down all surface areas, do not use water or any cleaners. From there, you'll want to dust some of the more hard to reach places. Use a hand vacuum to carefully remove dust and debris from under the cushions and anywhere else that you couldn't quite get to with the cloth. Vacuums do not damage leather furniture as long as you use caution and move the vacuum gently across the surface of the fabric.

Regular Conditioning is Key

While the above step for dust would be good enough to keep most other types of fabric clean for a long time to come, leather requires a bit more help in order to remain in top shape. Invest in a good leather conditioner and gently rub it into your leather furniture at least a couple of times per year. To be clear, you only do this AFTER you are done dusting the furniture, as adding conditioner to a dusty area can cause problems for you. Regular conditioning will prevent your leather from drying out or cracking.

Don't Use Chemicals to Clean a Spill

If you accidentally spill something on your leather furniture, jump into action quickly, but stick with the same cotton cloth you used to remove the dust. Leather does not respond well to soap or many chemicals, so the best you can do is just dab up the spill as fast as you can.

Consider Professional Help

If you don't like the idea of running a vacuum on your furniture or applying the conditioner yourself because you are afraid you will mess something up, consider hiring a company that offers leather repair services. Such a company will likely be able to come out for an annual maintenance check up, helping you professionally clean the furniture while also fixing any minor issues they discover. 

If you want to keep your leather furniture looking great for many years to come, contact a leather repair company today to set up a regular maintenance schedule. In the meantime, keep your leather well-conditioned and dust-free as much as you can.