Unique Fashion Acessories That Give You The Edge On Trends

You aren't afraid to stand out in all ways, and this includes your fashion choices. From your eyewear to your feet you can be unique in style and turn heads everywhere you go. Here are some accessories you need to put in your collection to give you the edge on trends you desire.

Wooden sunglasses

Made of bamboo, these sunglasses are fashioned out of the soft, beautiful wood and will wear comfortably on your face. Other woods may also be used such as pine, and these shades vary in the wood grains for each pair to be different from the last. Classic and sporty at once, you can pair these lovely shades with nearly any outfit for a personal look that is totally on point. Choose wood shades in a universal, classic squares style so even as eyewear shapes change from cat-eye to oversized and aviators, your real wood shades can always be trendy. Check out your local eyewear or stores like Woodroze to shop for wooden sunglasses 

Glow-in-the-dark shoes

Do you remember those light-up shoes you wore when you were a kid? This trend is making a comeback in a more adult way: glow-in-the-dark footwear. By day you can sport colorful shoes with fun flames or other designs on them by night you can show off whimsical glowing shoes that are impossible not to notice. Many brands are boasting their own version of these kid-inspired footwear choices with the soles of the shoes glowing as well in pretty blue, neon green, or salmon pink hues.

Faux fur delights

Faux fur is popping up everywhere- on key chains, hat toppers, and even lining gloves. The natural hues of fur mimics real rabbit and other animal skins without promoting animal cruelty overall and is being worn by people of all ages and style preferences. While this is a very large trend, you can still make it your own by pairing tiny fake fur pom poms with gemstones on your choker necklace, wearing fur-trimmed socks peeking over your winter boots, or other unexpected fur-tastic fashion ideas.

Fashion is always changing, which means you can find ways to express yourself in whole new ways on a nearly daily basis. Whether you want to take on something whimsical and funky or you want to choose classic styles with a modern twist, you can make every accessory your own by getting daring and unique with your pieces. Work with your current wardrobe to find the best accessories you can wear all year long.