Put Those Muscles To Work: Create A Portfolio For Underwear Modeling Work

Are you crushing it at the gym? Is your bodyfat low? Have you gotten ripped and developed a visible six-pack? Well, if you are super into fitness and would like to get started into underwear modeling (and maybe end up on a huge, times square campaign like a young Mark Wahlberg back when he was Marky Mark and he posed with Kate Moss) or Justin Bieber, then you need to set up a underwear modeling portfolio.

Here's what you need to do to create a killer modeling campaign.

Make Sure You Are In Killer Shape: Cut, Cut, Cut...but not too much!

The most important thing is to make sure you are in killer shape. This means cutting down any excess fat. You want to hit a sweet spot of around 8 to 12 percent. Any lower, and you will look too shredded. The goal is to look like the guys in underwear ads, not some guy who is repping bodybuilding supplements and possibly on the juice. So, cut down to visible, etched abs and obliques, defined pecs. You don't want to shred down to high vascularity since it will be off-putting for underwear ads.

Find A Good Photographer

You're not a successful model, so you probably don't have many (if any) contacts in the fashion world. That's not a problem. There are lots of photographers who need models. If you're a guy who is in awesome shape, there are photographers who will want you for their shoots. You can browse a site like ModelMayhem and search for photographers whose work you like. If they are professionals, they might want payment. It can be worth it to pay for the session if they produce really top quality work, however, if you are on a real budget, then you can find photographers who want models who will work TFP (time for print).

Get Good Designer Mens Underwear

It's best to get some great designer mens underwear. Don't just use your regular underwear. You should pick both boxers-briefs and briefs, even if you only wear boxers normally. Many high fashion campaigns are centered on either briefs or boxer-briefs. Once you start getting modeling jobs, then the clients will provide the wardrobe, but for now you will have to provide it. Fashion stylists won't be too keen on working with unknown models (and they certainly are not in the habit of providing underwear for shoots of this nature). You should try and choose a well-known brand, and not some generic, no-name brand. It will add to the portfolio's currency within the modeling industry. Of course, make sure you get briefs and boxer-briefs that fit extremely well. You might take a look at Ginch Gonch for your underwear needs.