Tips For Dressing A Child Who Is Sensitive To Fabric Types

If you have a child that is especially sensitive to the way that fabrics feel on his or her skin, then you likely have a hard time finding him or her clothes. This can be frustrating and expensive for you as a parent on a time and financial budget, but it can also be emotionally distressing for your child. Here are some tips for dressing a child who is sensitive to certain fabric types.

1. Get Rid of All Tags

It doesn't matter what you buy. You just want to make sure that it doesn't have any tags attached to it. Before you even give the clothing to your child, make sure that you cut out the tags. This will help your child from having a reaction to the clothing item and no longer being willing to wear it. If even the small, cut off edges of the tag bother your child, go online and find clothes that are specifically made to be tagless.

If the inside of a shirt is bothering your child, buy a number of tagless undershirts that he or she can wear underneath everyday clothing to keep the clothes that he or she doesn't like from touching the skin directly.

2. Get Loose-Fitting Clothing

Don't force your child to dress in clothing that is tight, because a fabric can be tolerable when it hits the skin occasionally but unbearable if it is in constant contact with the skin. For girls, consider buying longer dresses that they can still play in and roll around on the ground in but that don't hit the skin in too many places. A smocked dress is a good option. For boys, find shorts that are loose enough for the summer and shirts that they can deal with. During the winter, try to see if you can find tagless jeans that will be acceptable. If you can't find any jeans that will work, look for soft pants or khaki pants that will feel good.

3. Get the Right Underwear and Socks 

Look for seamless underwear and socks so that your child doesn't have to deal with underwear that chafes or any other problems that could cause him or her to feel uncomfortable underneath his or her clothes. Many seamless underwear and sock companies also make their products without tags.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in making clothing and accessories for kids who react strongly to certain types of fabric.