2 Timeless Ways To Add A Touch Of The Tropics To Your Wardrobe

Certain images evoke a vacation in the tropics, and you might want to keep those images near you year-round as a reminder of relaxing trips past and future. You can integrate tropical statement pieces into your wardrobe regardless of your day-to-day style. But it is important to choose pieces carefully to avoid looking like a permanent tourist or to avoid looking back on your current style with a grimace.

Here are a couple of key ways to add touches of the tropics to your wardrobe while still maintaining an overall timeless style.

Embrace Patterned Tote Bags

Patterned satchels or clutches can end up looking too visually crowded due to the smaller size of the bag compressing the pattern. Tote bags are a great size and place to embrace tropical patterns. Canvas totes in particular, which have a more casual feel and pair well with day-to-day basics like jeans and sneakers, look great with a bolder print.

Go all out with a palm frond print in rich greens and browns that will pair with most warm-toned neutral clothing. Or incorporate a small pop of color with flamingo tote bags with a white or neutral background that offsets the bright pink of the birds.  Pare things down a bit with a tote in white with the black silhouette of a flamingo for a truly timeless and versatile wardrobe piece. Go even more subtle with a tote that has a subtle duochrome fish scale pattern that hints towards the tropics but looks chic in any locale.

Invest in Coral Jewelry

The asymmetrical, branch-like shape of natural coral makes a great statement piece when added to jewelry. If investing in real coral, make sure the coral was harvested in an eco-friendly way that posed no risk to the reef. Natural coral comes dyed in a variety of colors or in its natural state depending on your style preferences. Necklaces and earrings work particularly well with a coral addition.

You can also purchase coral replica jewelry made of silver or gold for a more subtle nod to the tropics. You won't have to worry about how the piece was sourced, the material will be more durable, and the metallic tone will match a wide variety of clothing and never go out of style. Metal coral can even work on a bracelet as the pieces can be better shaped and molded to fit comfortably around your wrist. 

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