Avoiding Yoga Wardrobe Malfunctions

If you are joining a structured yoga class, you will need to find clothing to wear that will be appropriate for the stretches and exercises you will be doing. The apparel you select to wear to a yoga class should be comfortable and not restrictive. Here are some tips to help you pick out the best articles of clothing for your yoga regimen, helping you to avoid embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions as a result.

Hiding Private Parts

When deciding what to wear on your bottom half, stay away from short or loose shorts. Both of these will make you feel uncomfortable around others as you will be doing a lot of bending down and positions where one leg is raised in the air. Wearing shorts that risk exposing more than you would care to share, will make your session awkward. You will not be able to do the moves to their fullest if you are worried about trying to cover body parts from the view of others. Opt for full-length leggings or cropped pants instead. 

Dealing With Moisture

Many women skip wearing underwear underneath their yoga pants because they can twist or bunch up making the routine uncomfortable. If you do wear undergarments, stay away from cotton. Although this material breathes well, it retains moisture, making the underwear feel heavy as you try to do your yoga routine. This can make the entire appearance of your crotch area look wet and more like you had a bathroom accident than normal sweating. Instead of cotton, pick a lightweight silk or nylon material.

To avoid having moisture cause your clothing to appear see-through, wear darker colors. Wearing white or pastels are risky if you tend to sweat because they will show what you are wearing underneath easily. If you are one of those that do not wear underwear, this can be a huge mistake!

Picking The Right Fit

When picking out a top to wear to do yoga, it is best to select something form-fitting. Loose t-shirts will become annoying when you need to do positions where you bend over and you may feel embarrassed if your midriff shows when you would rather it was covered up. Long tank tops work great because they cover the stomach while staying in place when you stretch, turn or twist.

Supporting Your Chest

The type of shirt you wear will have an impact on the comfort of your chest. If you are big-busted, you definitely want to wear a supportive sports bra underneath your shirt or tank top. If you are smaller framed, a top with a shelf bra will be sufficient. If you have a bigger chest, stick with tops with higher necklines to avoid unnecessary mishaps that can happen with low-cut shirts when doing a lot of bending down and twisting.

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