Traveling Nurses: Four Items You Need To Keep Your Scrubs Clean On The Go

Being a travelling nurse offers a range of excitement and challenges, and one of the challenges is keeping your scrubs clean while on the go. If you just purchased discounted scrubs online, and you want to keep them looking good and stain free, you just need to pack the right items in your travel kit. Here's what you need:

1. Stain spray


In a hospital setting, you can get anything from blood to urine to feces to ketchup from the cafeteria on your scrubs. So that those stains don't linger, make sure you keep a small bottle of stain spray with you. Rather than just being in your suitcase, your stain spray should be carried with you every day so you can use it as soon as your scrubs get a stain.

2. Bucket or universal plug

As a travelling nurse, you likely have to wash your scrubs in laundromats or hotel laundry rooms. If you were a nurse who could just wash his or her clothes in his or her own laundry room, you could easily soak your scrubs as needed in your laundry room sink. However, without that amenity, you should travel with a bucket.

At the end of the day, just drop your dirty scrubs in the bucket with some water and a splash of vinegar. That soaking helps them get clean without cluttering up the sink in your hotel room. However, if you would rather use the hotel sink, pack a universal plug for it.

3. Fabric steamer

As a travelling nurse, you are almost always making a first impression, and of course, you want to look neat, tidy and professional to the staff at the hospital where you are working. To achieve that effect, pack a fabric steamer.

They are much faster to use than irons, but they create the same effect. You simply hang your scrubs over the shower rail, and wave the fabric steamer over them until the wrinkles are gone.

4. Plastic bag

If you truly want your scrubs to be clean when you get to work, do not wear them on your commute. Some hospitals even have a policy against wearing your scrubs on the commute. Instead, pack your scrubs in a clean, sealed bag to protect them from dirt and germs.

Make sure you have a separate bag for your scrubs. You don't want them milling around with your peanut butter sandwich or your makeup.