3 Tips For Caring For Gator Skin Cowboy Boots

If you own a pair of gator skin cowboy boots, then you know how incredible and unique they are. They have a look about them that most cowboy boots do not, so it is only normal for you to want to take great care of them. Here are  3 tips for caring for your gator skin cowboy boots so that you can keep them looking good.

Oil Them Regularly

Because the gator skin on your cowboy boots can become dry overtime, it is wise to oil your boots regularly. This oil will not only stop the gator skin from drying out and cracking, but it will also  help to give your boots a beautiful, glossy finish. You can purchase the oil needed to clean your boots at most stores that sell boots. You can then use an old sock to oil and shine your boots regularly. This won't take much time at all. You simply need to oil them whenever they start looking dry. 

Remove All Dirt From Your Boot With A Wash Cloth

Even if you are very careful where you wear your gator skin boots, they are going to collect dirt and dust within the cracks of the gator skin and the cracks of the leather. This dirt may be hard to see at first, but over time it can build up in the leather and the gator skin and damage it. To get this dirt out, you will need to use a damp wash cloth to carefully wash out each and every crevice of your boot. You may have to go over some areas multiple times in order to remove all of the dirt. You can then oil them once you have cleaned out all of the dirt and dust.

Avoid Wearing Them In Rough Terrain

While some leather cowboy boots are made specifically for dirt, mud, and other types of rough terrain, gator skin cowboy boots are not. They are more of a showy cowboy boot, and they do not do as well in rough terrain. For this reason, you will definitely want to wear your leather cowboy boots when you are working outside, and save your gator skin cowboy boots for when you are going into town, to school, to work, or some other occasion where they will not be getting dirty.  For more information on special occasion boots like these, check out a professional like Cowpokes.