Ladies Motocycle Apparel For New Riders

Congratulations! You got yourself a hog. Now you need the right clothing and accessories so that your ride is safe but also stylish. You are part of a separate lifestyle now, that you may choose to reflect in your outfits both on and off your bike. You want to make sure that you fit in to your new subculture but also that you stand out for your individual style. You don't want to look like you are wearing a costume or that you are trying too hard as a newbie. Here are some tips on how to look awesome when you are tearing down the road with the wind in your hair.


Jeans and leather are the two classic pants choices for motorcyclists. Leather may feel too much like a costume for some ladies, especially if you are going to wear a leather jacket to ride in. Pleather (polyurethane leather) leggings are trendy and comfortable. They are more versatile than leather chaps and have a more modern look.

Jeans are always a great choice. For extra style points, choose a pair that tucks smoothly into your boots for a clean line.


The safest helmet is a full face one. This type of helmet will also protect your hair against wind and rain. Plus, you will look oh so mysterious as you cruise around on your bike.


Any shirt is fine, considering that you will most likely have a jacket over it. If you are are biking without a jacket or outer layer, you may not want to wear tops with flowing sleeves as these will billow in the wind quite a bit. Black tank tops look great with jeans and leather and will keep you cool. They are a quintessential biker girl shirt. You can purchase plain black tanks or find tons of cute ones with various logos and screen prints at most motorcycle shops that sell clothing and accessories.


Leather motorcycle jackets look great and keep the wind from chilling you to the bone. Look for ones that are cut in a slim feminine style and that are made especially for women. Denim jackets also look great as long as they are not worn at the same time as your jeans.


Really any flat or low heeled shoes will be safe, but for bad girl rocker appeal nothing beats a pair of black motorcycle boots. These look great on the bike and on the street. These boots have gone mainstream in the last few years, so it should not be hard to find a cute pair in a thick quality leather at most department stores.

You can keep your individual style and just add a few new items. You may find that your tastes run more to the rebel and the rocker, but you probably already knew that since you bought a motorcycle. For assistance choosing a look, talk to a professional like American Biker Apparel.