Tips For Wearing The Right High Low Dress For Your Body Type

If you have been shopping or picked up a fashion magazine recently, you have probably noticed that high low dresses are very popular in 2015, particularly for women shopping in the juniors section. These dresses feature a longer hem-line in back and shorter one in the front. However, as with any clothing choice, it is essential to know what features of your new dress will be the most flattering.

Know Your Body Type

There are several different body types for women and it is important to note that you could be a combination of two or more body types. Therefore, it is crucial to understand your body type before trying on dresses. Otherwise, you could easily try on a dozen dresses, none of which look great, and then wrongly assume that this year's popular dress is not an option for you.

Three common body types include:

  • Pear

  • Wedge

  • Rectangle

For All Of The Pear-Shaped Women Out There

If your bottom half is wider than your top half, you probably are pear-shaped. You probably have an obvious waist and a rounded rear end. You will look great in a high-low dress that has a darker skirt, to minimize any extra weight below the waist, and a brightly colored top that calls attention upward.

In addition, many pear-shaped women are concerned about the size of their hips, bottom or legs. If that sounds like you, it will be helpful to shop for a high-low dress with less distance between the hem-lines. That minor change can provide a minimizing impact on your overall look.

If You Are Wedge-shaped

Wedge-shaped women have the opposite body type of their pear-shaped sisters. Specifically, their top half is bigger than their bottom half. Although you probably have great legs, you are likely to be troubled by your shoulders, abdomen, etc.

Therefore, you will do well in a high-low dress that features a full skirt and a high waistline. Both of those call attention to your legs and waist, while distracting from your upper half.

Planning For Your Rectangular Body Type

If you have a rectangular body type, there is not an obvious difference between your bosom, waist and hips. Fortunately, a high low dress can highlight your athletic body to its best advantage.

The trick is to make you look curvier than you actually are. You can do so by choosing a dress with an obvious waistband, to emphasize your waist. A dress with discreet ruffles, patterns or other details that grab people's attention is also helpful, as long as you do not choose an overly busy look.

In conclusion, high low dresses are flattering for many different body types, particularly when you accessorize them properly. With the wide variety of colors and lengths, it's easier than ever to find the perfect high low dress. Check out stores like Teeze Me to get started.