Tips On How Artwork Must Be Prepared For Screen Print T-Shirt Production

Are you interested in producing screen print t-shirts, but are not sure how the artwork needs to be prepared? By learning how to effectively prepare artwork, you'll increase your ability to get the exact design you want. With that thought in mind, here are some of the tips on how to prepare artwork for print screen t-shirt production:

  • Actual size: It's a good idea to create the artwork in the same physical dimensions that it will be printed on the t-shirt. That's because it gives you a better idea of what the finished t-shirt will look like. Working in a smaller size runs the risk of ending up with a smaller design than intended. To avoid this misunderstanding during the printing stage, it's recommended to work on the size that it is going to be printed in.
  • Convert text to outlines: When the printer receives text to be printed, the machine might change the size and general appearance for formatting purposes. A substituted font design can ruin the whole look that you are trying to achieve, and it will waste printing material. Therefore, before sending off a design, make sure to convert all the text into outlines. As a result, when the printer receives your design it will interpret all text as graphics. This ensures that no changes will be made, because printers only format text.
  • PMS colors: Most people when creating screen print t-shirt designs will opt for CMYK or RGB color modes. However, if you opt for PMS colors, then you can be sure that the accuracy of the colors will be better when printed. PMS colors also allow the separations of the colors to be much better defined, giving a more professional look to the end result. Furthermore, you can use a function that reduces the tone of the colors used, which allows you to save money while printing. The look of the design can be still as effective, even if a lower intensity of colors is used.
  • Large HD monitor: To create the artwork it is important to have a monitor that is big and clear enough to show the artwork. A poor quality monitor might make it difficult to get the fine details of the artwork just right, and what you end up with is a guessing game regarding how the finished t-shirt will look like. If you find that one screen is not enough, then you can opt for a multi-screen setup where the image is displayed on multiple screens.

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