Diabetic's Tricks For Improved Circulation In The Feet

As most individuals with diabetes know, blood circulation can be slower, particularly in areas such as the feet. This is why some diabetics suffer from coldness, numbness, tingling, and slower healing times in the feet. Fortunately, if you're a diabetic, you can try these measures for improving circulation so your feet can be in good health. 

Foot Attire

First of all, consider what you're wearing on your feet. There are diabetic socks for men made specifically for you so that blood circulation is not compromised.

If such socks are not available, look for socks with bands that fit loosely around your ankles so your circulation will not be cut off. Remember that socks are generally good for warming up your feet, which helps keep your circulation going.

Also keep in mind that you should be wearing comfortable shoes. It's okay for the sides to fit tightly as long as there is room for your feet to breathe. Give ample room for your toes; there should be some space between them and the front and top of the shoes.


As a diabetic, you likely know the value of a good diet because what you consume will affect blood flow. It's not enough to avoid sugar; steer clear of fat- and sodium-heavy foods, which can make your arteries narrow and firm. Help get rid of the fat and sodium you do eat by partaking of the typical recommended amount of fiber and water

Exercise and Elevation

Be proactive and get moving! It can be as simple as elevating your feet and wiggling your toes when you're lying or sitting down. Other simple movement ideas include tip-toe walking, calf raises, foot circles, and ankle pumps.

Get your heart pumping to improve circulation. Consider aerobic and resistance exercises such as biking, swimming, jogging, and walking in addition to weight lifting.

Massage and Foot Soak

Take this opportunity to treat yourself. Don't feel guilty asking for a weekly foot massage--this is a great way to get blood vessels moving in this area. Additionally, it's a great way to alleviate stress.

A foot soak may do the trick for you. It's meant to expand the foot's blood vessels when the water's warm. You can also alternate with cold water to make the blood move to and from your foot.

Improving blood circulation in the feet is a constant activity. Yet completing these simple tasks can keep your feet warm, comfortable, and healthy.